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A perfect single colour, beautiful BIAB or nail art? The Heerlak babes always create something that suits you perfectly. Everything is made by hand and unique.

we can't wait for our nail date!


For the perfect single colour, choose a Heerlak Lakkie. You can choose 1 color and oh my, we have more than 400 colors. We start by prepping your nails. We push back the cuticles, file and buff. After painting, we apply a delicious oil.



HEERLAK LAKKIE                                           € 37.50

Do you want nail art? Check ART LAKKIE above.

Don't forget to book your removal so we have enough time for our nail date.


HEERLAK BEGIN (gel polish)                           €7.50

NB! If you still have gel polish from another salon, choose a Heerlak Schoon because we need more time for this.


HEERLAK SCHOON (gel polish)                  €20,00 

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